Coyote Girl knew that native Americans were on the warpath, and she knew that somehow she had to stop them from attacking. But she also had to do something else—had to do it immediately—and that was make a batter, put it in the oven, and let it bake until it rose and fluffed itself into a cake, just like Coyote Mom used to make. But Coyote Girl was torn. How could she prevent the massacre and at the same time prepare dessert?
She had the answer: She would invite the native American chief for dinner, and at an opportune moment present the cake. If she could get him to cut some slices, and take at least one bite, the West would be won.
She saddled her mustang and went to greet the native horde. At a crossroads, she met the opposing force.
“I have a recipe for peace,” Coyote Girl said.
“How!” the chief replied.
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