The Schwab Auditorium – suffused
in pearly light that strokes the velvet
blues draped over window panes,

balcony cradled in mahogany,
cornucopia of plaster apples,
grapes, and pears framing the stage –

a masterpiece! Beneath the polished floorboards
I have slung rings of power cable over
my shoulders, watched by grinning, faded,

performer portraits, and I have heard
clicking carapaces: long barreled
light fixtures clamped and hung in rows.

In the attic, I have wobbled across moldering
planks and dangled my arms through
the ceiling to focus fixtures forty feet above

the audience. Stationed at lightboard,
I survey the lights at my command: nine nose
from ceiling and eighteen hover hidden

behind curtain. With your guidance, fingers
perched, spiderlike, on the sliders
can wash the stage in peacock blue,

cherry rose, daffodil, or varying grades
of light and dark. But how do you
conjure artistry from crude mechanics?
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