Pink orbs of clover float on verdant fields,
undulating oceans of fickle luck
tussled by the wind as startled chickens.
Docile on the hill, the noble bulges

of bovines graze. Double Nickle sways towards
me, her hulk bobbing over supple waves.
Her curious nose— wet earth, a river’s
mouth of breath, gray courtesan’s pearls of dew

scintillating in sunlight—brushes my
boots, picks snot with her tongue like a fresh hewn
piece of wood. Her neck, swaths of Triassic
muscle, ripple and sway under her fuzzed,

copper fur as she crunches crisp clover.
Thousand of possibilities rush down
her throat to the rumen. Bacteria
gorge on grass, brought up again and again,

crushed between her weathered ivory, the honed
tools of her trade. She selects, devours,
and recreates clover into a new
form that nurtures more than her body’s needs,

but recycles seeds into that green sea,
dung radiant with dark latent power.
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