Ignatius had been practicing his flapping for several hours, holding his arms straight out, then rotating his “wings” around his shoulder joints. He believed that if he flapped hard enough, he might actually fly. That was why he was standing on the edge of an abyss, connected to earth by the thinnest of perches. But his own weight held him back, so he flapped harder.
While he was straining and thrashing, his friend Felicia landed softly beside him. “Why have you left your room?” she asked. “The whole flock is worried about you.”
“I’m flying the coop,” Ignatius announced.
“Not until you learn technique,” Felicia said. “I’ll show you.”
Ignatius tried to follow Felicia’s fluid lifting motion but could not approach it.
“This is totally absurd,” Ignatius said and flapped away. “I am going to my room.”
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