Breenis likes to watch her hockey

Bree is only four feet tall
Bree abandons poor old Kelly
Breenis always drops the ball

Sometimes Breenis talks to Kelly
Leads him on like they are friends
Then a hockey game appears
And Bree and Kelly's friendship ends.

Bree is cold and Bree is fickle
Bree cares not for mortal men
Bree prefers her hockey players
Stubbly and Canadian.

Kelly sits and sniffles softly
Kelly's left out in the cold
Starting games of Words With Friends to
Find he’s thoroughly alone.

Rachel drops in on occasion
Says hello and slips away
Always homework, never Facebook
Rarely Words With Friends she'll play.

Where is Rachel, where is Breenis
Kelly has a midterm soon
Kelly needs a good distraction
Rach and Bree have left the room.

Sharpen up the thumbscrews ladies,
Leave poor Kelly in the night
Stretch his feelings on the rack
And lock the Iron Maiden tight.

I think this poem stands as proof of
Just how bored I truly am
Here I sit composing poems
With an imminent exam.

Leave me lonely, leave me weeping
Leave my feelings at the door.
I hope that you are struck with bedbugs,
Wretched psyche-rending whore.

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